Optimize wealth
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Your money, your way

“I like dealing with Will and Lorenzo because I see that they really look out for the person as opposed to selling a product because it makes them a high commission. I’m personally happy with what we’ve done so I feel natural sharing with friends.”
James Durante, Director, Corporate Challenge Canada

Our Commonwealth is a financial advisory firm with a focus on bringing people together. We believe that helping our clients optimize their wealth is more than just strategic financial advice, it’s also about creating bespoke events to build social and professional networks that opens doors to future success.

Who We Are

We’re a team of finance professionals in Vancouver, British Columbia. We specialize in building custom financial solutions tailored to professionals, business owners, and families.

Our Goals

Your goals are our goals. Our advisors take the time to get to know you and understand your mission so we can take extra care in helping you navigate the different strategies and options available. The best way for you to achieve your financial priorities is by making informed and confident decisions.


Satisfaction in our work comes with knowing that we’ve helped you find the best financial solutions that supports you, your business and your family. It’s even more fun to facilitate a place where everyone can come together to connect with like minded individuals.

The combination of both is what drives us to do what we do and to do it well, everyday.