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My work schedule doesn’t give me a whole lot of time to research and learn about investments. I was just putting aside money into my TFSA and RRSP with the bank, which I later realized, wasn’t really making a whole lot at all.

What I found that there was a lot more that I can do to optimize my finances. I liked the idea of having disability insurance because as a hairstylist, I rely a lot on my physical ability to make my income. Now I don’t worry as much because I know that I have a back up plan!
Having Lorenzo and Kevin working together on my finances makes it much easier for me to manage everything. It’s great to have professionals like these guys on your side. I can focus on going to work while knowing that things are taken care of.

Aubrey Bonnah-Vink, Owner, Hair Salon
I work a lot so I didn’t really have a lot of time to meet people. Will is great guy to be around with so when a friend recommended me to with him and Lorenzo it felt sincere and it was also convenient for me.

I always have my reservations when it comes to this sort of stuff. Although they were very informative and educational and didn’t use any pushy sales tactics, I felt empowered to make the right decisions for myself because everything was explained really well.

Their recommendation for me made a lot of sense. I like the fact that the a portion of my portfolio is allocated safe place for my money while having accessibility, which was very important to me.

Getting this done made it feel like I was making progress, it felt great to step up my financial game. I would definitely recommend meeting these guys, because they’re not only cool to be deal with, they also take the time to walk you through the process without pushing you to make a decision.

Kristopher Bertrand, Millwright
I’ve always known that using leverage is a good strategy when it comes to investing, but I’ve always thought it was only available for corporations and wealthy people. I didn’t know that it was available to me before meeting with Lorenzo.

I ended up setting up a diversified approach where I had leverage but I also had other short and safe long term investments. What I like about this is that I know that there’s some safety with my money but it also produced short term results since the market did well these last 2 years. It’s great having access to strategies and these guys to walk me through it, I feel like I’m ahead.

I like dealing with Will and Lorenzo because I see that they really look out for the person as opposed to selling a product because it makes them a high commission. I’m personally happy with what we’ve done so I feel natural sharing with friends.

James Durante, Director, Corporate Challenge Canada
Before I started investing with Lorenzo, I was younger and didn’t really see value in setting aside money for my future. I knew it was important, but I wasn’t that motivated to get started since I didn’t really understand what it can do for me, let alone understand the options that we’re available.

What I really like about my experience with Lorenzo is that he is able to explain everything in a way that I can understand, which is great since I was new to this sort of thing. Having better knowledge of my options made me feel comfortable and even excited with getting started.

After a few years of investing, I had accumulated more money than I thought and was pretty happy with the results. I even introduced my partner Monique to Lorenzo because I knew she can benefit from investing at an early age like I did.

The great part about investing is that it has made both us more conscious about how we spend because now we see the value of money differently.

Monique Lam & Vincent Ma
I’ve always known that investing was the way to move ahead financially. I met Lorenzo at a great

time because I was in the process of getting my Canadian residency and recently received a promotion at work. It was an excellent time to start thinking about my future by investing in a better tomorrow.

Even though I was keen, I’m always careful when meeting with financial advisors and insurance brokers as I really do not like aggressive sales tactics. But Lorenzo had a different approach,
first educate and inform, he took his time to explain and didn’t use any pushy sales tactics, and was always available for to answer any questions. This is felt empowering because I need to make the right decisions for myself, my financial stability and also my family.

I first started learning and subscribing to the borrow to invest program and eventually set up 2 very important policies for life and critical illness insurance so that my family is protected for those unforeseen situations.

I started to see the benefits of the life insurance and how important is it, that led me to open an additional policy for my daughter when she was born to help give her that financial boost that I never had.

Having this foundation of policies and investments has given me peace of mind for my future and it’s great to know that I’m creating passive income today that will lead the security of possible early retirement.

Jonathon Porter, IT Consultant
I knew life insurance was important, I just didn’t feel the urge to get started until I met Lorenzo. I like how it not only gives me life insurance coverage, it helps me save a bunch of tax while investing for my retirement.

I’ve heard it from others before, but hearing it from Lorenzo helped me understand because he kept it in simple terms. I would’ve done it sooner if I would’ve known about it earlier!

Phil Gurat, Business Consultant
We’ve been wanting to get insured for a while now but we just haven’t gotten around to getting it done because of our busy schedules.. It was great that Will and Lorenzo we’re flexible and mobile and they came to our house, which made it so much easier for us especially with the kids.

I was also impressed with their knowledge and communication when it comes to products, and their service was great. I’ve already recommended these guys to my friends and will continue to do so in the future!

Michael & Michelle Villafuerte