The success of your business depends on you and your key people, having the proper plan in place for you and your employees, can help avoid serious consequences in case you or your key people can’t work.

“I can focus on my business while knowing that things are taken care of.”
Aubrey Bonnah-Vink

Today’s current tax implications have a big impact on how money flows from your corporation to you, shareholders and employees. The right strategies can help you minimize tax liabilities and maximize how much of your money you get to keep.

We can help you protect your business and maximize assets through these strategies:

Income replacement

Providing a lump sum benefit for you and your employees in the event of a serious illness or disability through critical illness and disability insurance

Corporate asset efficiency

Maximize after tax income through tax planning and strategies through corporate life insurance, executive health savings plan, and responsible leveraging. This involves advice from both a financial advisor and a certified tax accountant


Avail financing for your business using current assets like real estate and or life insurance

Group health benefits

Reward your employees by providing a plan that covers costs of medical related expenses

Executive Health Savings Plan (EHSP)

An innovative financial tool that allows business owners take advantage of all the tax benefits of insurance while protecting the livelihood of their business

Key person insurance

Protects your most important assets, your key employees. in the event of a premature death, critical illness or disability, a lump sum benefit or monthly income is paid to the corporation to help keep the business running, even when your key employee is not around or unable to work

Buy/Sell life insurance

A buy sell agreement protects business owners from a world of financial problems in the event of a death of a shareholder. Life insurance structured in the proper way is the best way to fund a buy sell agreement which allows the surviving shareholders to purchase the shares of the deceased shareholder

Tax preferred retirement planning

Provide shareholders or key employees a tax efficient retirement plan through life insurance, responsible leverage or RRSP and TFSA matching plans

Responsible leveraging

A tax advantaged strategy that involves using a low interest loan to invest allowing the investor to start with a higher amount sooner. The interest on an investment loan is tax deductible which can help to lower personal income while increasing wealth