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You can find financial advice and insurance policies anywhere. That’s why we work hard to help you achieve your personal and financial milestones.

We aim to put a personal touch on the financial planning process. And we do that through the real relationships we build, by celebrating your successes and working to protect as much of your wealth as possible.

Since 2011, we have been helping individuals, families, and business owners protect their assets, plan for their futures, and establish their legacies. We know that we are all working towards the same goals, but the paths we take are different.

That’s why our team of dedicated financial planners create customized insurance and investment plans based on your priorities, values, and goals.

What Sets Us Apart?

We See the Big Picture

We believe that a comprehensive approach is the only way to help our clients make smarter and more conscious decisions. Many financial planners view your situation through a single lens, but we look at the big picture—from your current situation to your future goals.

We Use a Simple Process

There are many investment and insurance options available to you, making it challenging to choose the right solution for you. We make the process easy, explain every step to you, and guide you through it.

We Value Long-term Relationships

We believe in the importance of developing long-term relationships and helping you navigate the financial world as your personal and professional life changes over time. We begin with a conversation about your current situation and future goals and check-in with you at least once every year. Over 80% of our clients have been with us for nearly a decade.

Protecting what’s most important to you is a challenge.


We love helping clients be able to do what they want to do – from protecting their family to developing a long term financial plan. We focus on the big picture to make sure you have the right investment and insurance solutions for you.

Lorenzo Lernabe

Director & financial security advisor

William Ybanez

Business Coordinator

Myra Tagarino

Financial Security Advisor

Chris Asuncion

Financial Security Advisor

Milly Yee

Financial Security Advisor

Todd Mukai

Partner & Business Coordinator

Nico Felipe

Financial Security Advisor, CFP

Siegfried Wong

Business Development Partner

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